Permanent Memory Sphere


Hey power brain and memory improver,

our memories, imagination and emotions make us who we are. Everything we do or say involves our mind and feelings. The level of self-confidence we have inside is central to the way we approach life.

Training your memory, imagination, and managing your emotions could provide you with priceless assets. You could start approaching any situation with confidence.

Memory and imagination training could help you concentrate and remember.

I show you how much fun memory and imagination training could be! Try it out now! It's not that difficult to see and remember pictures, and it's the same for all kinds of words as well, with just a little trick. You could start learning this here on the five memory improvement courses.

One of the best memorization and imagination techniques ever, used by almost every memory expert, and with which you too could drastically improve your memory performance. In addition, you could get started to memorize your Permanent Memory Sphere and remember everything efficiently and effectively.

It is all in the preparation process.

You are already great and perfect as you are.

If you want to feel more recognition and freedom in the long run, to make free decisions, to feel belonging, to be content and in good health, to experience security and certainty, to exercise calmness and sovereignty.If you want to experience independence and you say: "I want to be responsible for myself", then just do it!… with

Memory system!

Prepare for exams

Enable better opportunities for advancement

To be proud of a good memory

Activate your inner leadership

Have a larger vocabulary

Acquire languages

Communicate successfully

Coordinate with others 

Organise your time

Improve your creativity and imagination

Manipulate and explore information

Prioritise jobs and carry out tasks with purpose and vision in the appropriate context, and get the intended result.


These learning techniques could help you retain more knowledge in less time.


Learning is more fun this way.


Increase your memory skills, become more creative and increase your motivation.

Developed and explained in an understandable way. Simple, yet efficient and effectiveexercises for your brain. Created especially for adults and children. A good memory helps you to be more successful at work, at university, and at school for your children.


More content:

Get better exam results

Develop more motivation to learn

Increase creativity,

imagination and self-confidence.


This makes it creative, imaginative and energetic for you to remember terms and words

More learning in less time

Increased ability to concentrate

Save vocabulary for a long time

Learn foreign languages ​​efficiently

Understand formulae

Train your memory with fun

PowerRecall© works - it lets you not forget anything.
You had an effect and made yourself memorable.

Our goal is for you to have: No fear of exams or giving free speeches.


All of us need to cope with new information every day:












How does the course work ?   Learning should be fun – that's my motto. The concept is based on:

Learning games

Targeted training plans for long-term memory

Imaginative stories,

and the Power Recall Permanent Memory Sphere.


In addition to learning success, the course also promotes your:


Your creativity,

and keeps your memory fit.


Who is this course for? Very simple: for everyone who wants to learn efficiently, effectively, and with fun. Whether for children, adults or seniors - the “PowerRecall” concept is suitable for every age group. By investing time in developing your powers of recall, you could start working on remembering any kind of information with ease – quickly, successfully, and enjoyably.


We are aiming to explore the potential barriers to a good memory

Show you how your brain works

Describe the most efficient learning techniques

Detailed exercises to kick-start your memory and to get you memorizing a wide range of information.

Set out a program of mental training that couldput you back in control of your mind.

There is nothing you do that can’t be done better with the right frame of mind, the correct learning environment, and some powerful memory techniques.


You could get into your mind to unleash your unlimited “sphere” with her integrated “many-worlds”. Your level of emancipation and capacity of deliverance could make a start to liberate profound secrets wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Perhaps, it triggers off and releases unseen before latent and long awaited ripples in education.

It's about memory improvement. I used to have a terrible memory. In selected areas I was quite alright, but in general I used to believe that I had a terrible memory – not always.

Then I came across learning methods and memory techniques, and I did much better. I was bad at school. Even as a schoolboy (in 1972, when I was 14, being in 7th grade) I realized that a lot of things in school are counter-productive, e.g. the pointless stubborn drilling (of formulae, historical numbers, vocabulary, etc.). But, every attempt to question something inevitably led to massive criticism of my own faults and shortcomings. On the one hand, this unsettled me. On the other hand, there was still a spark of doubt that these people really knew better. And since, I started teaching German to adult foreigners at the age of 14, I made my own experiences as a teacher at an early age.

I always offered a sentence-by-sentence translation of the respective lesson (which is largely missing in school books and in courses for adult self-learners to this day). So I noticed how well I was getting on with English as I continued to write consistently Es in Latin and French at school (two Es were allowed to get ahead, but I also had one in history). So I came to understand more and more that I could study outside of school, but not there. My “school failure” meant that I had to leave school after the 9th grade and got by with an apprenticeship while I was looking for a way to continue life in general. Through my then numerous students, I learned that you could take an exam in London that would allow you to study if you achieved the required minimum number of points. That's what I did, and so it happened that I’ve studied in London with a two years high school diploma.

Later on, I actually studied with these here described strategies, methods and techniques four times at different universities. Yes!

I’m a memory expert now. I’d like to help you to improve your memory. On my Telegram group ‘Permanent Memory Sphere’, I have accomplished a 30-day challenge. I’ve just led the way of how one could improve one’s memory on a long weekend course. We’ve recorded all the three long sessions and the videos are available now. In addition, we, the eight core members, theMemory Collective, are going to have our first mastermind at the beginning of October 2021.You could join us if you would like to. The next one was held in mid of January 2022, at the end of April is going to be the next one.


I am your trainer, coach and guide for this ultimate power to let you have all energy and information flow through you. Those are unfathomable experiences because you could start working on turning and changing into the very exact human becoming (not being), who gets started and makes such amazing differences in people’s lives. You might even ‘remember’ who you really are.

Have you ever in your adult life, looked in the mirror and thought of yourself:

“Whoa ho, I thought, I’d be further ahead by now?” 


Mmm, if you have, yo





I look forward to hearing from you when you have finished reading all of this or if you have any questions at all.


Please feel free to send me an email with the subject:




I’m open for it   …




Five Memory Improvement Courses


What are the common misbelieves you have related to memory?


How your brain works and stores information and how to use it to your advantage. 


What is the ideal mindset to have while memorizing?


What are the 5 rules of memorization + special techniques to use?


How to memorize any kind of information and do it 3x faster.


How to remember entire books (in Permanent Memory Sphere course 5). 


How to ace exams with confidence.


In short you could:


  • score more marks
  • pass exams
  • spend only a third of the usual time learning you are putting in now
  • retain 100% and 15 times more information in that time spent.


The knowledge you get from memorizing could improve your productivity, work efficiently and effectively in any job, profession and venture you choose to be.


Buy the e-book in its last beta-phase now, before it’s on the market and be ahead of everyone else.


Who are these courses suitable for?


The courses are recommended to people who have particular objectives in mind and to people who want to first select their right goals. 


The courses are designed for people who want to start a new project, change their habits, or work towards some other desired state.


Business owners, writers, teachers, or anyone who regularly creates, brainstorms, and manages ideas, people, and tasks.


By the end of these courses, our goal is for you to have the ability to memorize at least 3 times the speed of an average college graduate, with above-average comprehension and retention. 


Students who want to adopt an extremely productive, strategic and consistent approach towards their learning, both in and out of the classroom.


I have written a book and I’m in the process of writing my second one. You are one of the first ones who are invited to go through it with me.


Permanent Memory Sphere

How To Change The World

When you change, the world changes around you.

We cannot change the world, but we could change people.

The key for you to change is in your inner transformation  –  change your heart and mind. This is a human revolution – it’s a re-evolution. You have the power to change.

When I discovered what I’m about to share with you, my life totally changed for the better, slowly at first and then in huge leaps. I provide you with small step-by-step guidelines on your body-mind-soul connection towards your transformation.

I have changed. I have changed myself. I have changed my mentality, my habits, and my actions. It was a change and still is brilliant fun. You either change out of inspiration or you change out of desperation. Most people don't change out of inspiration, but out of desperation. For me, it was necessary to change. I had the leverage to change.

I have attended the following Mindvalley Quests: Be Extraordinary, Superbrain, Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy for Abundance, The Power of Boldness, and Uncompromised Life, the The Silva Ultramind System, Duality, and Business Freedom Blueprint. Others are still in progress for exploration, and more are to come. I have also joined Project Next – With Tony & Dean. That’s why I’m here. Obviously!

Now I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with you. I’d like to offer you a very thorough approach towards personal growth, transformation, and memory improvement. The only thing it needs is your time, effort and money: the one who pays, pays attention. What is your willingness to change in order to discover your own way of being rich, wealthy, and living in abundance?

By all means, you could live any life you would like and you are capable of. Although, that means most of the time having copied other people within our culturescape (limiting beliefs). There is nothing wrong with it but only very rarely is life as good as the “original life” (copied) and at best looks and feels just like a third rate cardboard copy, very disappointing. I know it sounds harsh, but there is some truth in it. The vast majority of people live a ‘construct’ they’ve made up in their head, which isn’t working for them. So why not live a different ‘construct’, which actually does work for you to live a better life?

This is where I come in, I'd like to inform you that any and all course exercises that you use by transforming any part of your life, all material contained in the Permanent Memory Sphere is completely and entirely your own. I’m making this Permanent Memory Sphere Material available to as many people as possible just in the knowledge that great changes come out of it.

I created Permanent Memory Sphere Materials to make certain that all people who use this material feel secure in the knowledge that what they do is theirs. They never have to worry about me claiming that 'they got that from me’.

My intention from the start was just to present all of it in an intelligent manner that guaranteed that everyone who made use of it was completely free to do anything and do all things with it. As your skills increase, you could try a lot of other things as well. I'll leave it at that, but I promise that, to whatever extent you’ll work with this stuff, your overall prowess in your life increases in ways that you could never have guessed!

This is huge, in that people all around our planet get the opportunity to work with ‘the full deck’ for the very first time! It’s a human revolution – it’s a human re-evolution. We have the power to change.

It's time to share. I didn't make up all of this. I just discovered it, found it. All of this has been WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED !!!   Perhaps, for thousands of years!   Actually, I'm surprised that this discovery hasn't happened sooner!   And it's ALL YOURS ! ! !


My Bold Moonshot Launch

Imagine ... a world where everyone you meet, including yourself, has everything   –   like you have ever learned in your head and you remember it at any time. Envision you have an improved memory. Everything you see, hear, or read stays in your mind exactly in the way you want it to. You choose what you want to remember, for always, forever. Your information is retrievable at any time, to learn this is enjoyable and with a lot of fun.

Now is the right time for you to improve your memory because education as we know it is in the process of collapse. No child needs to go to school anymore. They tell you their wishes and desires – and you could instantly provide for that request, or you have a certain interest yourself, and you want more information. This new approach gives you the answer to your search in such a way, so that you never have to research it ever again. We are bombarded with new information every day. You attend new courses and there is so much to learn. “How do I remember it all ?” “Which word was it again that I wanted to type into the search engine ?”

This is the moment, when I could be useful because I could solve all of those problems for you if you would let me. I have been a memory expert for over 30 years. I have recently taken part in a memory course, hosted by one of the world’s best memory experts, and I could match with everything he had to offer. In addition, what I do is to help people to attain a permanent memory. You just take all the necessary steps, place them into your Permanent Memory Sphere and when you want to retrieve it, it is there for you. You just know it because you have a trained memory + a permanent memory. You never forget what you want to keep in your Permanent Memory Sphere.

 It’s all in the preparation process.

You either do it old school, analogue, or digitally online with a tribe or a video game in virtual reality.

In my book, I give you step-by-step instructions and exercises to accomplish your task. After each chapter there is a test to assess for yourself, which section you need to go over again because you might have unintentionally skipped important information crucial to your development.

The online tribes are groups on Facebook, Mindvalley’s Connections App, Telegram and other such sites, to support each other and grow as like minded ‘family members’ because the zoom meet ups feel like you are with live minded family member who give you unconditional love.

Video games are exciting experiences to live out your wildest dreams. The AI responds to all of your subtle wishes of what you want to know and keep it in your improved memory as a real experience. You only get to the next level when you have successfully reached all required elements on your journey.

Then you have an unshakable trained memory + a permanent memory, everything is instantly retrievable and accessible for you at any time. And it feels really so good.

There are so many definitions of what it means to have a good memory. What people really want is happiness.

As you are aware of, I know what you want and not just what you need. I have exactly that, which helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be. Otherwise, it only would be the privileged learner, who would be given the job opportunity you really wanted. Just because they went to an exclusive college or university doesn’t mean that they are smarter or more intelligent.

These days, you could show and convince a potential employer that you learn quickly, memorise a lot, take massive action, have rapid decision making skills and help to get their company into the direction they want it and where it needs to go.

‘If we want to make this world better, we’ve got to get better’. That comes from Jim Rohn to Tony, over Dean to me. If we want that things are going to get better, we’ve got to get better. Success leaves clues. Jim Rohn one-on-one.

With my deep learning program you have the advantage and clarity. I love what I do so much that I feel bad if you don’t say “yes.” I would do you a disservice if I wouldn’t offer my course to you.

You are ‘suffering’ right now. Motivation and inspiration don’t create transformation. You need this course. You need accountability. You need the training in a really great process. I want you to experience it.

Your learning capabilities and your memory improve. I want to serve you at the highest level possible.

Buy your copy of this e-book now. You know who needs this book. Buy it for them now. You could make a copy for all of your friends.

Should I ever correct or add something to it, I’ll send you the latest version immediately to you. 

This Permanent Memory Sphere e-book (workbook material) is $97 USD.

It’s a 90 hours long workshop course, divided into 5 sections.

We have recorded three new memory improvement videos, which are on sale now

All three videos are for $97, each separate video sells for $39. When you have purchased those videos, you could sell them on to other interested people and then send us 10% of your earnings or you could send us the email address of the prospect buyer and we send you 50% of our transaction. That’s the business model.


New Price List


Each ‘five minutes’ long exercise video $8,60

Each ’57 seconds’ long exercise video $1,66

Memory Collective Membership $1,99/monthly

Mastermind Inner Circle Memory Improvement Group $25/monthly

There are huge reductions available!

There are bonuses and giveaways!!!

Permanent Memory Sphere book $97 (all five courses included)

All three ‘3 hours long’ group video $153 47% off (from course two to course five)

One ‘3 hours long’ group video $97

Memory Course One $247 (all relevant courses materials and videos included)

Memory Course Two $297 reduced 17% off (before it was $359)

All prices are negotiable, they are not fixed.


Please feel free to send an email with the subject matters: 


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Memory Collective - Videos


The book has 69.373 words, 302 book pages (253 A4 pages) and increasing.

Big Special Offer

Everything is now reduced by more than 50% !!!

1x Book $47

3x Videos $47

On a one-on-one basis:

1st Course $597  o for the novice and the beginner with some pre-knowledge

2nd Course $757  o for the intermediate and competent learner (for you now $605)

3rd Course $997  o for the advanced and proficient student

4th Course $1.387  o for the expert and master

5th Course $1.637  o for practical wisdom and individual Permanent Memory Sphere experience

All five courses $4.997  o for practical wisdom without time pressure (you save $378 on this basis)


The payment is either through PayPal or ...

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and I’ll send you the book immediately or I book you in for a workshop so that you could start your amazing journey to transform your future knowledge inside of  YOUR  Permanent Memory Sphere.


I’m so fired up about it.

Since I do it myself, I know it has worked for me.

It is all in the preparation process using a memory system inside of the Permanent Memory Sphere.

This is a human revolution – it’s a human re-evolution.

You have the power to change.

Buy now, learn more

If you resonate with it

feel free to ask me any question  ...

I’m open for it   ...

Have a lovely day. You take care now!